Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arpit Gautam

State & City – Virasalagar Dehradun, uttarakhand
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad, UES-23
  • It provides you the perfect atmosphere just like one has to face in his interview. It feels like you already are commissioned and going through an officers training.
  • Academy’s infrastructure is well maintained, grounds, classrooms, hostel, mess surrounding everything will give you a good experience and you will feel like you a good experience and you will like you are in army area. It was awesome experience.
  • Each and every faculty here is really good & the methods with which they teach you or interact with you, is something different, you will not find this kind of teaches there. Even the other staff is very much supportive and co-operative. The environment we get here always keeps us on motivating and reminding for what we are here and we have to achieve it. The way now I got an attachment with army forces after learning reading about them is more than before I joined here. It makes me more passionate about it. Every individually in academy whether it is teacher, other staff or friendly they will always encourages you and supports you. Minerva academy main aim is to show yourself who you are, what your qualities are & how you can polish them. They don’t want you to be a fake personality or someone else who you are not. The Minerva honor code is “A Minerva does not lie, cheat or tolerate those who do”, and it is very true they made you stick by it & follow it, in short I would say there is nothing I would hate about Minerva.
  • After my 10 days coaching experience there is a lot of confidence in me. The person I was before 10 days don’t know much about SSB interview, lack of confidence in me, don’t know about my qualities basic manners that one should have in his life as well as for interview etc etc……..
  • The list was endless but now after my 10 days of coaching, I got cleared with every doubt in my mind. Now I can say at least I know much more things than a common man would know about Indian army forces. I came to know about many things myself which I don’t know before. The situation or conditions will help me in every field of my life. So overall I can say these 10 days coaching experience for me was awesome, I won’t forget anything about them, and they are like the best memories which I will have in my life. I am very much confident about my selection now.
  • I am pretty much confident about my upcoming interview now, this interview will be a golden opportunity for my life but now I know I will crack it & if not also I will try again.
  • Yes, I will surely recommend my friends for Minerva academy.

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