Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sarvesh Attri

State & City – Faridabad, Haryana
SSB Center & Course – Bhopal, CDS (IMA)
  • They treat us not just as a candidate but as a family member. A part from that the way of teaching is unique and more effective, they don’t believe pen and paper work i.e. theoretical knowledge. All the faculty members are extremely intelligent and expert in their field.
  • First of all the environment of Minerva academy is very good. They demonstrate everything they just not straightly tell you the solution, they tell you the whole process i.e. how various tests are designed, how they check and what they check through a particular test and what to show and what not to show in that particular test. An the most important thing is that although the coaching hours are long but it never feels like a burden, they do it in such an effective way, that everything becomes interesting and exciting, and as we are talking about faculty them it is necessary to mention Mani sir. His method of teaching is as effective as this sense of hum our. He is an expert in ground tasks and unique in exp leaning the solutions and above all his double meaning sentence just fantastic. And Ranjeet sir, he is just mind blowing, he will fill with you thrill and excitement and love for country.
  • I have completely changed. Confidence has developed, have become more honest, have become a better human being, leader, friend and student.
  • Yes, I will make it. I am the future of Indian army.
  • It is awesome, stress free, enjoyable and natural environment, food is awesome and all the mess attendees including Arjun, Mahesh and Vinod are awesome guys. Sports facilities are a plus point.  


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