Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Puneet Sehgal

State & City – Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur
SSB Center & Course – AFCAT (center) Dehradun & TGC  Allahabad
  • The hostel and mess was also awesome, it was a nice experience to stay with so candidate under I roof and I can say that we experienced a little of what the Indian army forces are.
  • I can say that I can proud of my decision to join the Minerva academy.
  • The quality of Minerva academy which I loved the most is the enthusiastic way of guiding the students, they know what are the OLQs which the candidate has but he is unable to express, so the faculties work out on each candidate and help us to express our qualities. Secondly the loved the way the candidate are provided with hostels they all are under one roof. This helps to develop a strong bond. Thirdly I love the way of charging the candidates specially Ranjit sir for giving us a 440 v. charging voltage whenever he meet us. The staff is also very supporting which imbibe in us the sense of security and care. The way of guiding us for the GTO task by Mani sir was fantastic. Last but not the least I loved Rambo and Ranjit sir’s car.
  • There were many misconceptions and fears in mind as the SSB before I joined the Minerva academy, but these all fears and misconceptions were blown off by the guidance by the faculty members.
  • So after 10 days of rigorous training and learning I can say that
  • My confidence has increased.
  • My misconceptions are blown off.
  • My stamina has increased.
  • Now I can take risks in life.
  • I have learnt the techniques to climb the obstacles and also to face the GTO tasks.
  • So overall I can say that I had done a right decision to join the Minerva academy for my SSB.
  • The infrastructure, environment and surroundings of Minerva academy were fantastic. It was just the appropriate environment for such kind of SSB training.
  • Yes I feel very confident about my upcoming interview as well my misconceptions are now removed and my confidence level has increased.
  • I guess only a dumb and fool will not recommend Minerva academy to any others aspiring candidate and I guess I am not & of them. The answer is yes, yes and yes.
  • Thank you Minerva academy for giving me the right path to follow. I play and hope that “Beasan Ke Ladoo” will be there at the academy very soon.
  • Thank you.


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