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State & City – Panchkula, Haryana
SSB Center & Course – CDS-OTA
  • I have never seen so interesting, distinguished and experienced teachers ever. I have made friendship that would last for life.
  • The academy’s infrastructure is awesome very natural and open. Hostels are much better than I expected. The food was always tasty – each and every time. Grounds were perfectly taken care of the classroom hall is shown, fully ventilated and very inspiring because all the trophies. I loved the natural, country ride environment and surroundings I don’t feel like going to the city again. 

State & City – Varanasi, U.P.
  • It is a just like a mini SSB, the infrastructure is awesome. The obstacles, the ground, the hostel, mess, surroundings, classrooms, everything is up to the mark. I never felt that I am here is academy. I full that I am in a army area. The discipline, the cleanliness, and the food everything is great.
State & City – Bihar Patna
SSB Center & Course –BHOPAL (18th march), IMA 137 (CDSE)
  • The best thing about Minerva academy is that you are not the person who came here when you go from here.
  • The way to tackle any situation made me more confident. The brotherhood among all the candidates I wish I could have stayed here for long. I just loved the place and will never forget this experience.

State & City – Jharkhand, Jamshed pur - 831004
SSB Center & Course – Bhopal
  • Making us believe in the impossible washing our doubts and second thoughts and cardinality making us into a reformed personality with qualities which only an officer possess. The next reason of feeling in home with Minerva academy is the environment that is being provided here. The lush green campus. The amount of hours that are being diverted for us catering to our every need. Making us unknowably realize the value & importance of time.
  • No words are sufficient to say what it means to me. Just thank you being impropriate and adenitis but think thank you being imprint that will last former more than a life time. 

State & City – Best Bangal, kolkata
SSB Center & Course – course no: 100(OTA non tech) center not yet notified.
  • The hostel and other infrastructure here are asexuality spacious, hygienic and safe. As long as I was here I got the feeling of being at home. The ground is the best place I liked with the obstacle course which attracted me the most. There is plenty of scope to indulge in outdoor games of a vast variety, from volleyball to football, basketball and also indoor games like table tennis. The classroom and environment here are complementary to each other and create the perfect learning environment which is very essential. Well the mess is one of the vital organs of the infrastructure as it constantly keeps us energized and task ready at all  times, supplying the students with the proteins and vitamins the require, the quality and hygienic of the food is never compromised.
  • The inspirational and patriotic videos shown here add a lot to one’s courage and determination. The informational boards and other essential quotes put up everywhere helps a students to learn and mould his mind like a patriot, which is very essential, the ethics one can learn from these saying should and is followed by Minerva to the core which not only makes them better citizens but better human beings as well.

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Rohit Sonakia
State & City – M.P. Bhop

SSB Center & Course – Bangalore, IMA (137th course)
  • What I love about Minerva academy is the homely feeling that the members of the Minerva academy gave me over the period of 10 days. The teaching methodology is impeccable because of the years of experience that they house. And the least thing is that the faculty do not try to spoon feed you, they teach things through examples & real & life experience.

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Arun R.K.

State & City – Kerla, Trivandnm
Email –
SSB Center & Course – Bangalore, TGC
  • The first thing which comes into my mind is the reputation of Minerva academy in companion with other SSB training institution. The record thing which comes into my mind is the uniqueness of the teaching one that’s followed in this academy which focuses only on the baric. The academy’s teaching helps us not only in SSB interview but also in other interview which we may come across in our life.
  • The infrastructure, hostel, mess, grounds, classroom, environment & surroundings at Minerva academy are really good. The hostel life is really superb. The grounds and mess are also of good quality. The environment & surroundings here at Minerva are really superb.
  • It is not that I will recommend it as just another SSB coaching center. I will recommend it to others as an experience that can change your outlook on life.
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State & City – Haryana Jhajjar
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFSB
  • Everything is so good. Perfect actually. Best ten days of my life. It was chicken soup for not only my mind but also to my soul.

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Mohit Nain
State & City – Yamuna Nagar Haryana
Email –
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad (ue3-23)

  • Minerva academy is a first private institution which I came to know is not selfish and cares about money. They only believe and made us believe and follow the path of honestly.                               

State & City – Delhi
SSB Center & Course – AFSB, Dehradun
  • The counseling was amazing. Everything we learnt here is injected in our minds. My fear of making a speech is gone. Now, I full much confident. One more thing that stands out is that the same teaching method is being caused out till date which was device by “Lt. Col Deol” sir. Every lecturer was unique and taught me so much. It will stay in my mind.
  • I can speak much more confidently.
    I can stay active for 12-13 hours.
    I can attempt obstacles now.
    My thought forces are much more refined.
    I can now participate actively in a grouch task and indoor planning.
    I can react maturely at a situation now.
    I won’t get various in interview.
    Best 10 days of my life.

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