Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Devang Sharma

State & City – Rajasthan & Jaipur
SSB Center & Course – SSB Bhopal Center & TGC
  • After 10 days of coaching in Minerva academy the first thought that comes to my mind is that can it last a bit longer. Bonds I made with friends coming from different places in just such a short period gives a good feeling.
  • The environment that is provided from day one, all the posters and flexes which contain so much of information about the army forces and our martyrs, eye – opening lectures of the faculties and with all this an inculcation of a sense of honesty and responsibility or rather exploration within oneself for these qualities are all what I love and will christen in my memories.
  • I am feeling more clear confident and focused towards my aim of becoming an officer in the army forces. I learned and improved upon my communication skills, logical and reasoning skills and socializing with the people you don’t know.
  • Infrastructure is good; hostel is the place I like most because of all information that is displayed there, mess and the food that is provided is also good. Classrooms are again very good. Environments and surroundings are adequate.
  • Yes, I am feeling confident and also there is time for me to proper as my SSB is likely to be held in April-May so I can improve upon my knowledge and can work upon my negatives that I have came to know during the whole training. I feel stickle to the guidance given by the teachers I can make my dream come true.
  • Yes, I would recommend Minerva academy to my friends because before I came here & talked and discussed about SSB with many friends who had taken coaching from somewhere else and they had some points which were making me uncomfortable. But now all my doubts are cleared and now I have a better view of the army forces. 

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