Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ashwani Kumar Tripathi

State & City – U.P. Kanpur
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad, TGC-119
  • Infrastructure is awesome gives a feeling of SSB like atmosphere here.
  • Hostel – well structured & clean.
  • Mess – hygienic & delicious food & types of food.
  • Ground – sufficient enough to play & practice.
  • Classroom – awesome full of boards & quotations full of motivation.
  • Environment – healthy & fresh gives an automatic smile on face.
  • Surroundings – everything is placed at the place where it should be.
  • The way of teaching all of the faculty members are awesome, they do not impose any thing on us. The first of all make us to do thing wrong then provoke us to do the things correctly by our own. The most important thing the motivate lectures by all the faculties at tires.
  • I feel more confident & I learn the honesty here & the points where were my mistakes in my previous SSB interview.
  • Of course, I feel confident to my upcoming interview.
  • One more thing for classes sometimes it feels like sleeping, even though the lecturer were so motivate that my sleeps were stolen.
  • Yes, definitely I will recommend Minerva academy to aspiring candidates.
  • I learned here – “you are never too far from whatever you had ever dream of.”

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