Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shivam Sharma

State & City – Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, U.P.
Email – leoshivam2012
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad, UES-23
  • I love everything about Minerva academy whether it is hostel or mess or teachers, just everything. The most amazing part of Minerva academy is that we live with peoples of so many religions coming from different parts of the India and we make a bond which cannot be broken. We become brother for life. These 10 days were the best days of my life.
  • The classrooms are so well built that we are able to grasp everything the teacher is telling and a continuous process of two way communications happens. The hostel is very well maintained gives glens of the army hostels. I have never been to hostel before and before coming here was bit nervous. But after coming I felt so good and now I don’t want to leave this place.
  • It feels like coming to Minerva was the best decision I have ever taken in my life.
  • The teaching method of Minerva is one of its kinds and is so innovative that we do not have to mug up anything and still can achieve the success in SSB.
  • The teachers are very helpful and motivating. The actives a honest, obedient and sincere person within us and souls us the way or direction towards the success.
  • Each and every part of Minerva academy is one of its kinds and is lovely.
  • After the 10 days coaching at Minerva I am feeling very much motivated, confident, self confident and disciplined. The 10 days coaching at Minerva is the life changer for the 10 days coaching at Minerva is the life changer for me and my direction of thinking and taking up things have gone in positive directions. I learned various or in fact a lot things it Minerva. Now I know what I will be facing in those 5 days SSB and how to tackle things there.
  • Not only SSB, staying in Minerva teaches you how to life with different people and most important discipline. Minerva academy is one of its kinds and I will cherish these 10 days coaching all through my life.
  • The infrastructure and surroundings and environment are the best parts of Minerva academy. Here we exposed to the surroundings we will be facing at SSB. The environment is so good here that to be honest “I don’t want to go from here”. Mess is also very good and we were never be short of food. The taste of simple dal & roti is also very good and I cherished all these.
  • I feel a lot confidence in myself. Now I know what I will be facing at SSB and I know how to tackle all those things. I am feeling a lot confident and after knowing all the basic rules and concepts about interview. Minerva academy made me believe in myself and now I feel that I will be one of the officers in Indian army soon.
  • Yes, I will definitely recommend Minerva to all my known people. I want them to feel what I felt here and want more Minerva to be into arm forces. Minerva is the best thing I came into a life of any student who wants to get into defense.

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