Friday, April 4, 2014

Yashraj Singh

Chest No- 21
Batch – 21 to 20 march
State & city – Punjab, Amritsar (nature) Chandigarh (present)
SSB Center & Course – selection centre east Allahabad. CDSE entry – IMA 137 (direct entry) – July 2014

  • The one thing that I liked the most about the Academy is its belief in imparting practical training to candidates through the candidates own participations. I tasks and developing in them the capability to analyses a problem. This differentiates Minerva from the rest.
  • I love everything about the academy, be it the infrastructure be it the staff members or the location everything is the best.
  • I feel confident and I know where I stand as face as the OLQ’s are concerned. It Minerva in these 10 days I have learnt to be clear in my thought process and I have learnt what are my differences and how I can work on them and remove them. The academy has changed my approach and outlook towards my life and I am indebted to it for the same.
  • The infrastructure at the academy is excellent be it the group task areas or the obstacles courses, each and every part has been earmarked for the specific purpose only. The grounds are very spacious and so are the classrooms which are beg, airy, well let and the ventilation is quite good.
  • The environment at the academy is identical to what we have at the selection centers so it helps us to get used to the discipline and conduct that we have to man tern whole at the SSB.
  • Yes I am confident as I know now, what to do, when to do, and how to do it  but I will still keep on working on both my postures and negatives  men at home and at other places to so that I always have that desire and hunger for constant improvement.
  • Definitely I would recommend Minerva academy to all the aspiring candidates whom I meet. Intact been before I had found the academy I was doing so and after young and getting trained here. I find my recommendation was right and now I am a miner van too.
  • Thank you Minerva. I’ll give it my best shot to keep up the miner van tradition of producing the finest officers.  

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