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Student Feedback Page 12

State & City – U.P. Kanpur
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad, TGC-119
  • Infrastructure is awesome gives a feeling of SSB like atmosphere here.
  • Hostel – well structured & clean.
  • Mess – hygienic & delicious food & types of food.
  • Ground – sufficient enough to play & practice.
  • Classroom – awesome full of boards & quotations full of motivation.
  • Environment – healthy & fresh gives an automatic smile on face.
  • Surroundings – everything is placed at the place where it should be. 
State & City – Sikar, Rajasthan
SSB Center & Course – ACC-109 Bhopal
  • I love in the Minerva academy a lot of things. The 100 hours circle of the course and in only 10 days completes all the syllabus of SSB and clarified all the doubt about the SSB interview.  

Sarvesh Attri
State & City – Faridabad, Haryana
SSB Center & Course – Bhopal, CDS (IMA)
  • They treat us not just as a candidate but as a family member. A part from that the way of teaching is unique and more effective, they don’t believe pen and paper work i.e. theoretical knowledge. All the faculty members are extremely intelligent and expert in their field.

State & City – Virasalagar Dehradun, uttarakhand
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad, UES-23
  • It provides you the perfect atmosphere just like one has to face in his interview. It feels like you already are commissioned and going through an officers training.
  • Academy’s infrastructure is well maintained, grounds, classrooms, hostel, mess surrounding everything will give you a good experience and you will feel like you a good experience and you will like you are in army area. It was awesome experience.

State & City – Uttar Pradesh
SSB Center & Course – 3AFSB, AFCAT

  • The systematic procedures being followed in academy are awesome. Everything is so planned and coordinated that no doubt or confusion remains in mind all instructors are very efficient, expert and through in their discipline subject. 

State & City – Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, U.P.
Email – leoshivam2012
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad, UES-23
  • I love everything about Minerva academy whether it is hostel or mess or teachers, just everything. The most amazing part of Minerva academy is that we live with peoples of so many religions coming from different parts of the India and we make a bond which cannot be broken. We become brother for life. These 10 days were the best days of my life.
  • The classrooms are so well built that we are able to grasp everything the teacher is telling and a continuous process of two way communications happens. The hostel is very well maintained gives glens of the army hostels. I have never been to hostel before and before coming here was bit nervous. But after coming I felt so good and now I don’t want to leave this place.
  • It feels like coming to Minerva was the best decision I have ever taken in my life.

State & City – Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur
SSB Center & Course – AFCAT (center)  Dehradun & TGC = Allahabad
  • The hostel and mess was also awesome, it was a nice experience to stay with so candidate under I roof and I can say that we experienced a little of what the Indian army forces are.
  • I can say that I can proud of my decision to join the Minerva academy.

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State & City – Uttar Pradesh, Bareli
SSB Center & Course – Mysore – AFCAT TGC – 119 not allowed.
  • I would say that, no one can be much more confident or no one can make you much more confident then Minerva academy. The experience I had in past 10 days is one of the best moments in life. The routine & study materials helped me a lot in brushing my skills and allow me to seek & develop other qualities as well.
  • The environment and surroundings are icing on cake, as it makes Minerva as better learning center. These weren’t a single day when I didn’t play football or volleyball, because these sort of grounds are not much available in our cities.
  • It would be the only option I give to people of anyone wants to be a better. Person is world as well as for aspiring candidates.

State & City – U.P. Lucknow
SSB Center & Course – Not know till now, DTA entry
  • I love the fact that it is the only institute that I have found which not only towards your goal but towards having a positive outlook towards life.
  • Every small thing of the infrastructure was so conducive to make you inspire & I really appreciate the Mani Hall, the way it was done all the posters all the quotations all the trophies all the information about the forces, all the respect that they have shown for our gallantry heroes, all the notice boards and diligently searched articles being put there.  
  • I have learned about how to line an honest, truthful, selfless and faithful life. Then I have also learned about my weakness on which I can work upon in my future. I am really thankful to this academy from the core of my heart.

State & City – Ahmedabad, Gugrat
SSB Center & Course – Banglore, TES – 10+2 Course 31
  • The detailed and comprehensive study interaction of faculty member with student’s Practical exercise for each test planning out mistakes and short coming of every individual and also the way about how to overcome it. Encouragement for sports immersive motivation to each and every student. 
  • The food provided in mess is better than even a hostel. Classrooms are well maintained and informative as well.

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