Friday, April 4, 2014

Mandeep Kaur

State & city – Ambala
Email –
SSB Center & Course – NDA, AFCAT
  • My confidence level, enthusiasm to joins the defense forces, communication skills; social sing ability has improved a lot.
  • The best thing about Minerva Academy is quality that is generally not served in other hostel messes. The hostel infrastructure, auditorium is great. About the environment over here, I would say I have forgotten my own city, country & feel like I am living on a different planet & in a different world.
  • I love everything about the Minerva Academy whether it is the surroundings, hostel, mess, auditorium or ground.
  • I never lived in a hostel before. I enjoyed a lot living 24*7 with my friends. Ranjit sir rightly said, I have made friends for life over here. I like all the faculty members. The biggest think is that I never fell this much sick ever in my life but at the same time never worked this much hard is remained this much active before.
  • My stage fear has reduced to a great extent. I considered myself very intelligent & knowledge before coming here, I am a frog out of well. I have realized I have to improve a lot in every aspect. We have learnt so many things that we generally ignore.
  • I even forget that the academy lies in Chandigarh.
  • I used to underestimate myself a lot. I never thought I would be able to do physical obstacles as I lack good amt. of stamina. But this academy has changed my mentality entirely. I will work very hard after going from here and definitely join the air forces.
  • I will not recommend this academy to other aspiring candidates not because it is not good or I fear competition. The reason is that only I want to have these memories. This is a very emotional moment for me, writing my feedback. “I don’t want to go from here & I request Ranjeet sir to please “go through my feedback” love this academy a lot.”                      

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