Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vikas Chhillar

State & City – Haryana Jhajjar
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFSB
  • Everything is so good. Perfect actually. Best ten days of my life. It was chicken soup for not only my mind but also to my soul.
  • First of all the way they taught us. It was more like telling us what we g=have inside us but it was in a magical and wonderful way. Then again us they are unique they didn’t fabricated or manipulated us. They tell us to be honest. Then everything else, the faculty, the food, games. I mean what’s there that we can’t love right?
  • Fantastic, full of energy and knowing how to direct my energy into SSB Before I came here, I was lazy as hell but now I know how much I was losing because of laziness. Besides I have learned how to activate the OLQs that were already inside me, it’s like Minerva academy is lord Krishna and I am Arjun.
  • Yes, I am so much confident that when I go to SSB with this confidence, they all be sure that this is the candidate they want. After attending two lectures on IO interview, there is nothing else I need to know.
  • Definitely I am and I will recommend every SSB aspirant to join Minerva academy and to others also its such a wonderful experience. 

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