Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rajiv Kumar Verma

State & City – Uttar Pradesh
SSB Center & Course – 3AFSB, AFCAT
  •  The systematic procedures being followed in academy are awesome. Everything is so planned and coordinated that no doubt or confusion remains in mind all instructors are very efficient, expert and through in their discipline subject.
  • After 10 days coaching, I feel very confident, hopeful and enthusiastic. I have the firm belief that I will make it their time I have learnt a number of things here. The reason behind all test, the good, better and best responses for all the questions. How to face interview, group planning, indoor planning etc. became clear to me. I know, I have to practice a lot but the direction is clear to me now.
  • If I need to say only one word, then I will say “best”. Everything starting from mess, food, staff, variety of food, hostel amenities, ground, surroundings etc are so good that now after staying 10 days here. I am feeling not to go. It becomes just like my home.
  • Yes, of course. The mind become much more clear, the deep hidden, senses are being activated I am feeling very confident and energetic. I am sure of my success.
  • When I planned to took some coaching for my SSB interview I was very confident. I was thinking of money, time, schedule etc. I browsed the internal and find the Minerva academy to be the number one in SSB coaching. I read the exemplary track record of this academy. After reading a lot and comparing their other academies. I zeroed on to join their academy. When I reached here, I was continuously in touch with Mr. Verma about how to reach academy. He responded for all the calls and he was so helpful. After reaching academy, then also I was not sure whether the decision which has taken is good or hot. But spending 10 days here I am very proud that I made a correct decision of joining their academy. I have heard that few academies tell, how to hide the negative points, grey areas but their academy teaches to be honest, not lies. I am fully in synchronization now I will definitely recommend this to all fellow friends who are aspiring to join defense forces. Mr. Ranjeet Bajaj is so aspiring, inspirational and enthusiastic that I would try to follow the foot step.
  • Thank you, sir and madam.

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