Monday, November 3, 2014

Dieaker Chandel

Course: NDA
Duration: 12 weeks
State/City: Solan, H.P

I love all about the minerva academy, specially the teaching staff. I have all the facilities provided by the academy.

I am feeling confident after coaching. I have almost made the preparation for my exam. Specially, I am very thankful to humanities sir because “when came I have zero knowledge about the humanities. But after the coaching, I also feel confident about the subject.

I like the academy’s infrastructure. All the facilities hostel, mess, grounds, sports classrooms, environment & surroundings are appreciable. Specially mess and sports facilities are very good. I like the mess standard.

Yes, I am feeling confident for my exam. I think its right choice to come here in Minerva academy for my preparation and I think I really get for wht, I came here.

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