Monday, November 3, 2014


State/City: Ambala Cant, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal

♦ The first thing I loved Minerva academy was its faculty members and there affords to teach us the simplest to toughest things. The kind of principle, teachers I got here cannot get anywhere in India.

♦ Initially I used to be very shy and was one of the non-speakers. But after two three days in GD and speech sessions I came to know that I can be a good speaker and finally I started speaking a lot in GD and speeches. The level of confidence I got here was awesome. (Special credit to Ranjit Bajaj sir)

♦ The infrastructure I found here was nowhere in any academy. The hostel boys were too friendly and loving. The food that we got in the mess was up to the mark. Grounds were large enough to play two, three games simultaneously.  All the facilities were too good. Classroom environment and surrounding were very good. I got the same thing which I thought before coming to academy.

♦ Defiantly I feel very confident about my upcoming SSB interview. Yeah, I am DAMN sure that I had made the best decision to come here for ssb coaching.

♦ I would feel awesome which telling about the perfectness of minerva academy to my known, friends and mates. If any body ask for SSB coaching I would definitely give his my first and last choice “Minerva”

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