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Student Feedback Page 24


Course: NDA
Duration: 8 weeks
State/City: Rajasthan
♦ Honestly the academy is best in the world. And I am very happy that I got this opportunity that I read in this academy.


State/City: Rewari, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: Dehradun (NDA)
Minerva is the best academy for ssb the time we spent in class mess and hostel is the best time we have ever spent. Mere 10 days were the turning point in my life. Now I can speak English well. I do not hesitate to go to stage and I have knowledge of all the tests, obstacles which are going to be held in ssb. 

Vaibhav Goyal

State/City: Haryana, Ambala
SSB Center & Course: TES

I am so confident now that I can speak any where confidently. On the very first day, I was so nervous in going to stage and to give a speech but, on the last day I can say that, I have overcome the fear of stage. All thanks to Ranjit Bajaj sir who told us how to be on the stage & what factors are affecting you, when you are one the stage.

Shailendra Singh

Course: NDA
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Harayana

Minerva is a perfect place to start our journey to be in armed forces.
The facilities provided here were so good that I almost felt like home.

Sanket Dayal

Course: CDS
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Ludhiana, Punjab

All the sports facilities being provided apart from studies has helped me for my over all development.
Coaching was good especially humanities lectures were commendable, as I was able to learn and grasp a major portion of the Humanities syllabus in the class itself. English lectures helped me to enhance my vocabulary.

Rohit Sharma

State/City: J&K, Samba
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad & SSC - (T) – 43

The motivation, courage, confidence & rationalization which this academy provides is beyond everything. They does not only taught you what is right answer to a question but the capability & how to train your mind to always come up with right answer.

Ritesh Dhundhuani

State/City: Bihar, Patna
SSB Center & Course: Varanasi, AFCAT

I have learnt is really wonderful, and would always give me a sense of immense pleasure, while recollecting these memories. Thankyou everyone here, from the bottom of my heart. Jai Hind!!


State/City: Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada
SSB Center & Course: TGC – 120

The first thing I love that the Minerva Academy is the Teaching procedure. It just focussing on indoor Teaching but also classes in the fields, Group Discussions under the trees is the best part. The Academy is so peaceful and calm away from the city noises and distractions.

Pravesh Ahlawat

State/City: Haryana, Kurukshetra
SSB center & Course: Allahabadh CDS (IMA-138)

I am more focussed, more determined, motivated, confident, after these 10 days. All my fears are gone, all my doubts are cleared. I have found the ultimate goal of my life. Many good habits I have in calculated in myself like early to rise and exercise daily. Puncutality and its importance in life.

Mithun Nandi

Course: CDS
Duration: 4 Weeks
State/City: Kolkatta

This academy a lush green 10 acre campus with all the resources for the overall development of a candidate. As far as the fooding is concerned the food is heaven in comparison to my college mess food.
I would like to say that, if you want to keep your JOSH alive to join the Indian Defence Forces then you must join Minerva Academy.
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