Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kiran Sreekantan

State/City: Trivandrum, Kerala
SSB Center & Course: CDSE – NA

♦ I love everything about Minerva Academy. It is the best experience in my life. I have never made this many friends in one place before. The coaching staff are the best. In college and school, I won’t be able to sit in a class for more than 30 minutes without sleeping. Here I didn’t even know that a whole day have passed by.

♦ As Ranjit sir said we need blinders so that we see only our goal. I think I got that know. Before I came here I had some kiddish fantasies, but now I have become realistic. Before I came here I was not afraid of SSB, but now I am a little bit and I do believe that small fear will help me cross this mountain.

♦ Academy’s infrastructure is very good. I never had a bunk bed, it was only cool. Food was very good.

♦ It is the most important choice I have made in my life.

♦ I would definitely recommend Minerva Academy to other aspiring candidates.

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