Monday, November 3, 2014


State/City: J&K
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad (TES)

♦ Minerva academy the name which makes the future of India. I am very glad to be trained in it. There are many things which I love about Minervacademy and will love till my death. The care taken by Minerva academy staff is to be honored.  I did not feel any day that at Minervacademy that I am at strange place. I feel like living in my home. The environment was the best. Minerva academy helped me to know my weakness’ and strength which I will not able to know. The pain the teacher take and dedication with which they taught us is marvelous. I pray to god to keep this blessing on Minerva academy and help them to make the best and real heroes of the country.

♦ Being trained in Minerva academy has changed my life. I have fear of indulge in discussions. But now I am confident even to speak in front of thousands of people. I saw lots of improvement in my physical work also. Also all my hesitation has been removed.

♦ The infrastructure of Minervacademy is best for training. It has peace full environment. I food served in the mess is the tastiest food I have ever eaten. I have seen no mess in which staff member also eats the food served to children. The behavior of the staff was best ever. Classrooms are well built and inspire us about Indian forces. The photos of the hero’s also inspire me. Minerva academy is best academy ever. I want one more day to be here but that is not possible.

♦ I am very confident for my upcoming interview because I know that is to be done in those five days. All my hesitation has been removed. It is the right and best decision I have ever taken in my life.

♦ Yes, I will recommend Minerva academy. It is the best academy now I feel that things they teach us not only helps in SSB interview but it is for entire life.

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