Monday, November 3, 2014

Rohit Sharma

State/City: J&K, Samba
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad & SSC - (T) – 43

The motivation, courage, confidence & rationalization which this academy provides is beyond everything. They does not only taught you what is right answer to a question but the capability & how to train your mind to always come up with right answer.

Now I know what type of challenges, questions, situation I have to face in the SSB. How to tackle any type of situation. How to show my inner abilities to them. Now I have the way & I will surely do whatever it takes to do it.

Infrastructure, hostel, mess, grounds, sports facilities, classrooms, environment & surrounding i.e. everything is up to the mark.

Yes, I feel confident fir it. Before coming here I never know what are my short comings & strength. Now I know them & know who to overcome my shortcomings & excel in my strength. So now I feel that I have made a right decision.

Absolutely, I have already recommended it to two or three persons & I am planning to work out a schedule, so that my brother can come here & join this life changing classes.

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