Monday, November 3, 2014

Sanket Dayal

Course: CDS
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Ludhiana, Punjab

The ambience of the academy is good. All the sports facilities being provided apart from studies has helped me for my over all development. Ranjit sir’s lectures have really boosted my morale to join Armed Forces. My special thanks to Ranjit Sir.

Coaching was good especially humanities lectures were commendable, as I was able to learn and grasp a major portion of the Humanities syllabus in the class itself. English lectures helped me to enhance my vocabulary. Overall I was able to make a schedule for myself. “A schedule” is basically what I got from Minerva.

People might be complaining about the infrastructure but it was equal to what you get in a general hostel, so it was satisfactory.
P.S: Sports facilities were like a jewel in the throne.

Yes, I am confident enough about my exam. Minerva Academy has helped me to maintain a schedule to keep a track with myself studies. And it has provided me with a strategy of how to study different subjects together with a competition point of view.

Yes, for sure if they are not Mama’s boys.

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