Monday, November 3, 2014

Shailendra Singh

Course: NDA
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Harayana

The administrative and management staff here are excellent. Everyone here is friendly and lovable. Mahinder sir and library staff is the best here.

Minerva is a perfect place to start our journey to be in armed forces. Also I started my journey and I’ll reach at my destination and make this place proud of me.

The facilities provided here were so good that I almost felt like home. Environment and surroundings are 
very positive.

I am not fully confident I still have to do self study but no doubt Minerva Academy guided me on a right path. Here in this academy I actually got to know that how I have to prepare for my exams.

Everybody India knows the standard of Minerva Academy so this academy doesnot need anyone to be recommended by any one. But if some one asks me for the coaching of armed forces I will definitely recommend them this “Minerva Academy.”

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