Monday, November 3, 2014


State/City: Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada
SSB Center & Course: TGC – 120

The first thing I love that the Minerva Academy is the Teaching procedure. It just focussing on indoor Teaching but also classes in the fields, Group Discussions under the trees is the best part. The Academy is so peaceful and calm away from the city noises and distractions.

I have been able to know my weaknesses .More the fear that I used to have from my 10th class is stage fear. I thought that mistake is within me. I have some problem speaking in public but after I come here I have found out that every speaker is like me. They have the same fear. But in this 10-days I changed my entire speech pattern. It has been very useful.

The Academy’s infrastructure is excellent, I loved the food being served everyday with curd and banana, kheer etc for body strength. The obstacles are perfect and the standard they set is very good which helps us during the SSB interviev. And I have mentioned above about the surrounding’s. Its such a peaceful place.

Yes, I am very confident about the SSB interview. I guess all my weakness and strengths are exposed and I have developed my strengths well. I have made the right choice about the Academy because I know its reputation and also My uncle who is a group captain in IAF serving in Coimbatore is an old student of Minerva (R.N.B.Rao). So It has been my best choice so far.

Definitely I will recommend my friends to join the Minerva Academy because being a South Indian I come to know about all the cultures in North made very good number of friends here. I will never forget the experience throughout my life.
Jai Hind.

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